Nungas is another World class Kite and Windsurfing wave when that strong afternoon wind blows perfectly cross-shore from behind. Nungas begins to peel off in a mini version of a G-land line. A long left hander that can often run for 200 meters plus with a couple of serious bowl sections and lots of whack able sections to play with. Under 8’ the wave breaks down into several sections of 50 meters or so, one or all may be surf able. But at 8’ the sections start to connect offering rides of 200 meters or more, with flat spots, hot-dog walls, full-on barrels all thrown into one ride. Best take-off spot is determined on an hourly basis. A lot of surfers start off walking down to Periscopes, take one look at Nungas and go out there instead. This wave also lets you ride the wave all the way into a big calm bay. A longer paddle out, but well worth the effort. Nungas is the area's big wave spot - a long fast, wrapping left-hander that has been ridden up to 15 feet.

Can handle a crowd and swells as big as they come